Advanced Tactics & Techniques for Goalkeeping

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This guide will give you a few tips to get started on your goalkeeping career!.. Read More. Field Hockey Goalie equipment is very extensive in field hockey, but this is a good thing because you want as much protection as possible to help prevent against injuries. If you want more tips and information for playing goalie, see the links. I have recently had quite a few requests for field hockey goalkeeper tips and although I can help goalie’s with a large part of their game (particularly when it comes to the mental and physical demands), I am no expert goalkeeper so who better to get tips from than England and Great Britain’s number one goalkeeper; George Pinner.. I spoke to . Goalkeeping in field hockey training, techniques, coaching and materials by OBO Rachel Durdin and Jon O'Haire First Edition October OBO Hockey Victoria Ave Palmerston north NEW ZEALAND welcome the printing and distribution of these tips, provided that they are not sold, or used for financial gain.

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